Shepherd's Fold Ministries helped direct the Soul Care Conference for pastors at Camp Garner Creek in Dickson, Tennessee November 12-13, 2018.  Brent Van Hook taught sessions about pastors giving care to their lives in the midst of ministry.  Special guest Brock Gill brought a message about Sabbaticals.

  Shepherd's Fold Ministries, now located in Nashville, Tennessee, exists to bless pastors and their families.  From 1999-2017 Shepherd's Fold offered a "Day of Renewal" for pastors in Wichita, Kansas.  In 2018 Shepherd's Fold offered a "Soul Care" Conference for pastors.  EXCITING, new projects are in store for 2019 including a Valentine's Day meal (and other ministries)!  Stay tuned for more information as details are finalized soon!!!

Brent & Susan Van Hook​, in Ministry to Pastors and Preachers of God's Word

Shepherds Fold Ministries to Pastors

Shepherd's Fold Ministries ministers to pastors of all denominations and their families. Any preacher in ministry, we want to encourage you!

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